Fruit Bouquets

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Fresh Love

Fresh Love

A delicious bouquet of fresh, juicy watermelon, pineapple daisies, honeydew melon and rock melon wed..

$90.00 AUD
Fruit Celebration

Fruit Celebration

Delicious...A melee of ripe strawberries, honeydew melon and rock melon wedges, beaded grapes and pi..

$80.00 AUD
Fruit Garden

Fruit Garden

A melee of ripe strawberries, honeydew melon and rock melon wedges, beaded grapes and pineapple dais..

$110.00 AUD
Garden Bed

Garden Bed

Unforgettable centrepiece for every occasion. A melee of ripe strawberries, honeydew melon and ..

$120.00 AUD
Garden Party

Garden Party

Great for any Party or Occasion Fruit & Cheese A Melee of ripe strawberries, honey dew mel..

$120.00 AUD
Party Favourite

Party Favourite

Fresh & Delicious... A Must for any partyA melee of ripe strawberries, honeydew melon and rock m..

$130.00 AUD

Do you sometimes find yourself looking for a gift for your beloved, parents, colleagues or friends?

Or maybe you are after some elegant ang polite way to encourage your subordinates for their dedication and make a speaking present indicating your sympathy and concern.

Nowadays a bunch of flowers seems too trivial and stale device, but still welcomed nevertheless. Things like that make people happy just by their presence not to mention the colorful look and the fragrance they fling all around the room.

But what if we told you that not only flowers can be used for composing an arrangement, but, say, fruits? How about a nice edible fruit and chocolate bouquet, beautiful and fragrant delivered** the same day right to your front door, whether it is Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane or anywhere else.

We can could put it into surprising extraordinary shapes making it a small edible fragrant piece of art.


Your fruit bouquet may also include:

  1. Chocolate. And what can be better than fresh fruits and fine chocolate shaped into an appetizing chocolate bouquet, original and thrilling the soul that can be delivered** to any Australian address by your choice.
  2. Berries. Fruits and berries often go together, so why not to mix some in, for example, strawberry bouquet? We bet, this mixture won’t leave anyone untouched.
  3. Flowers. The most tender and delicate option in the list. Classical but original flower bouquet will surprise the most capricious man, woman or child. Try ordering flower bouquet delivery** for your dears and you will see. Now available in Melbourne.

Moreover, you can choose various options at the same time. Our top choice offers:

  • chocolate bouquets with Strawberry, vine and fluffy toys where the exhilarating aroma and unique taste make a perfect match with bitter chocolate, good vine and nice surprise.
  • chocolate floral bouquets – same traditional flowers and sweets presented in an unusual manner
  • Chocolate Strawberry bouquets – no sweet tooth can beat such treat.

Bouquets with fruits and chocolate are delivered** within Sydney metropolitan, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Need a fancy cheap gift as soon as possible? Our fruit bouquets are best solution:

  • We ensure that all orders are delivered** fresh and on time with 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have ever bought some chocolate bouquets from us, you know what we are talking about.
  • The juicy fresh fruit is picked on a day-to-day basis and handcrafted with strawberries and ripe melons, to sweet pineapples and beaded grapes for your delicious bouquet.
  • Our creative designers have been trained to go extra mile to make sure each fruit flower looks and tastes good enough to eat.
  • Bouquets are custom made and each comes in a special vase, a pot or a basket so after the treats have all been eaten you have a beautiful and practical reminder of your gift.
  • The edible fruit bouquets come in different designs and sizes.
  • It can make a lovely Get-Well gift for one or be delivered** to a corporate function for 100 guests.
  • Perfect for all occasions no matter the location, if you need a gift today
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