Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

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Valentine Chocolate Flowers

Valentine Chocolate Flowers

Fresh and delicious strawberries, dipped & decorated with gourmet milk and white chocolate sur..

$80.00 AUD
Valentine Gift

Valentine Gift

A selection of ripe Australian strawberries hand dipped in milk, dark and white chocolate, decorated..

$150.00 AUD
Valentine Gift Package

Valentine Gift Package

A dozen chocolate dipped strawberries, 3 red fresh roses and a bottle of Moet.   Free Shi..

$185.00 AUD
Valentine Heart

Valentine Heart

A selection of ripe Australian strawberries fresh and hand dipped in milk, dark and white chocolate,..

$95.00 AUD
Wedding Strawberry Basket

Wedding Strawberry Basket

A selection of ripe Australian strawberries fresh and hand dipped in milk, dark and white chocolat..

$180.00 AUD

Freshly harvested strawberries coated with finest high-quality chocolate are an exceptional and romantic gift appropriate for any occasion. Whether you are preparing a romantic treat for Valentine's Day, or making a classy, easy-to-eat dessert for a bridal shower, or just want to make a sweet in all senses surprise to your dear - they are awesome.

Our enthusiastic team makes them fresh daily turning the plumpest and most fragrant berries into seductive and elegant chocolate dipped strawberries bouquets delivered** all over the central coast. No matter whether you are - in Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Croydon or Parramatta, the exquisite strawberries dipped into our best chocolate will be delivered right to your front door or to any address in the area by your choice.

Ordering chocolate covered field-fresh strawberries delivery** is the best idea for any occasion:

  • There is no hidden cost, as delivery is included in the price of the arrangement
  • We mix the finest chocolate and most fresh juicy fruits for making our strawberries dipped into excellent melted chocolate unexceptionable, no matter where they are ordered to: Adelaide, Melbourne or Brisbane.
  • We guarantee that wonderful fresh chocolate covered strawberry will be delivered** same day to its recipient in Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane or anywhere else.

Really, who does not like strawberries delivered** best of all they are.

Our gourmet strawberries are suitable for any occasion:

  • Delicious choc strawberries are make a perfect gift for the most spoiled person.
  • For special occasion or large companies, we offer you a full hamper of chocolate covered strawberry to make it enough for everyone plus after the treats are eaten a beautiful and practical keepsake reminder of your gift will be left
  • They are beautiful to look and wonderful to eat and also make a beautiful and elegant dessert.
  • If you want to make a sweet surprise, we will deliver** a gift package with chocolate covered strawberry to its happy whether he or she is in Sydney or any other place.

Try serving with champagne or your favorite red wine. You would love strawberries dipped into dark, milk and white chocolate. Order delivery** of a tray of choc coated strawberries, set it in front of someone and this person would be practically in heaven. Everyone loves them, and they're always gone in minutes.

If that’s not enough, we still have something to surprise you. If you don’t want your present to disappear so fast, then order a mixture of chocolate, scrummy strawberries and tender flowers combined in one elegant bouquet and just rely on our delivery** service – no person will stay indifferent. Flowers and choc dipped strawberries are certainly an unbeatable gift, you won't find better over the whole Australia from Croydon to Sydney and all the way to the south.

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