Romantic Gifts

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Strawberries Treasure

Strawberries Treasure

You will be treasured foreverSuprise this special person with a delicious arrangement of thirty choc..

$140.00 AUD
Teddy Hug

Teddy Hug

Cute, Sweet & Delicious A gorgeous large white Teddy holding a ... bunch of Delicious Ferrero R..

$75.00 AUD
Valentine Gift

Valentine Gift

A selection of ripe Australian strawberries hand dipped in milk, dark and white chocolate, decorated..

$150.00 AUD
Valentine Gift Package

Valentine Gift Package

A dozen chocolate dipped strawberries, 3 red fresh roses and a bottle of Moet.   Free Shi..

$185.00 AUD
Valentine Kisses

Valentine Kisses

Why not shower your Valentine with kisses this Valentine’s day – chocolate kisses that is! T..

$70.00 AUD

Our significant others are the people we constantly want to surprise and delight because seeing his or her happy smile is an incomparable pleasure. It often that the ideas of romantic gifts do not come to mind, despite all the love and effort. In this case, you do not need to get upset because we and our gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries are here to help!

The occasion for a romantic chocolate gift can be any event:

  • Valentine's Day;
  • Wedding or relationship anniversary;
  • Romantic date;
  • Birthday;
  • Marriage proposal;
  • Christmas or New Year;
  • Providing support to your loved one;
  • Completing a romantic dinner with an astounding dessert.

How to please a sweet lover? Candies and flowers are pleasant, but not new. Forget about all the standard options. Choose a really cool gift! Gourmet strawberries covered with the finest chocolate and arranged in a nice bouquet or a basket full of chocolate and fruits are a great alternative for Valentine's Day, birthday or any other occasion gift. 

Life is a process, and every day should be sweet!

Your approach and the impression you make may vary depending on the time.


Flowers, sweets and fruits - this is what women and man love so much and what uplifts their souls. We offer you the familiar gifts in a new shape: try leaving an arrangement of gourmet chocolate strawberries beside her or his bad and see what happens when your beloved wakes up.


In the daily turmoil, we sometimes do not have enough time to enjoy each other’s company.  A gourmet strawberries arrangement delivered to your darling will show that you remember about the important dates, create a festive mood and bring you closer together.


A romantic dinner, breakfast or a late breakfast that turns into lunch will be perfectly complemented with a delicious dessert. Or if circumstances allow you to spend the end of the day together, you can make it filled with your love and care and prepare a festive dinner together. It will make you a bit closer and there is nothing better than to reward yourselves with a delicious strawberry dessert – a real treasure we will deliver wherever you decide.

In this section of our website, you will find the most original romantic gifts and their key feature is uniqueness.

Another amazing peculiarity is that giving a gift you feel as much joy as the addressee! And you can always share some gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries along with the emotions.

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